1. “He sees no need to reconcile the call for Labuan to be self-administered with the demand by Sabahans that the island be returned to the state by the federal government. It’s obvious, stressed Jeffrey, that “self-administration means no interference by either the state government of Sabah or the federal government”.

    Thumbs up to datok Jeffrey….
    Labuanites should take note of this particular statement esp when it came from someone who is not even a Labuanite, someone who has no dealings whatsoever or interest in Labuan.

    I agree with mohd alies 110%……… ..well said bro. Many of our rights provided under the Federal Constitution have been gradually eroded due to irresponsible acts of our own leaders.

    It is not possible for a “real change” in Labuan without a national change in government. Nothing can be worse than the corruption, evil, injustice, and mismanagement of the whole country’s economy by these people.In an informed society these people should have vanished long ago.

    While many of us struggle to meet our ends, they live in a castle they called house. How many of them are living and owning humble houses instead of palatial houses? NONE….

    Labuan since 1984 has yet to reach its true potential and is still considered by many as a sleepy town. I don’t have an intention to insult my own hometown but look at Langkawi and compare the island with Labuan, while the former is well known throughout the world our hometown remains obscure until today.

    Issue of illegal as well as legal immigrants who act as if this Labuan of ours is their own should not be brushed aside as a non issue. This issue is very real and concerns every Labuanites and I mean genuine Labuanites, not those who called themselves to be Labuanites but seem to don’t care of those illegal as well as legal immigrants.

  2. Awesome!!!it’s a great damage to Labuanites, can’t we feel the loss that been located and been create by irresponsible administration structuring Labuan infrastructure development. we, Labuanites are dreaming in day time with an open eye and mind, we knew what’s is going on but what’s could we do…..time to make it done as the pathway are built with many passage but with one destination…we want and need our right that’s been provided.

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